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About Eksperimentator

Eksperimentator is the official scientific-professional journal of Slovenian Psychology Student’s Association. The first issue was released in September of 2016, subtitled as ‘students scientific contributions to Slovenian psychology’. In 2018, the journal has moved completely online, offering a more dynamic working style and continuous, right-on-time publishing of quality articles written by students of psychology and related disciplines.


2630-2934 (online issue)
2464-0379 (printed issue)

Scope and aims

Eksperimentator journal is issued by the Slovenian Psychology Students’ Association and is released once a year. The journal publishes articles from all areas of psychology and disciplines related to psychology. The authors or co-authors of the articles are mostly psychology students or early career researchers in psychology, writing from a professional angle on problems within the aforementioned areas.

As suggested by the name of the journal, we aim to encourage and promote students’ experimentation and activity in the areas of theoretical and empirical research by giving them the opportunity to publish their work and make it available to a wider (scientific) audience.  We are thus tolerant to common issues faced by students and early career researchers (e.g., small sample sizes, null findings, non-validated measures), as long as the design, execution and writing are of sufficient quality.

The editorial board ensures the quality of articles through a rigorous double-blind review process. Each article, that is in line with the technical requirements and within the purpose and goal of the journal, is sent for review to an evaluator, who is not made aware of the authorship of the article (and vice-versa). The evaluators of a given article are chosen (individually) by the editorial board and the articles are published on grounds of a positive review by the evaluator and the judgement of the editor. The editorial board also encourages students to prepare and write their articles under the mentorship of an experienced psychologist (or expert from the given area) with research experience.

The bibliographic records of all published articles are properly categorized and classified in the Slovenian bibliographic database COBIB.

Open access policy

Slovenian Psychology Students’ Association and the editorial board of the Eksperimentator Journal are in favor of the open science initiative. All articles published in the Journal are free and openly accessible (the terms of further use are set with the CC-BY license); in this way we aim to make research accomplishments as accessible as possible to the wide audience of interested readers and to further support the global open-access exchange of research achievements.

Publishing in the Journal is free of charge – the authors are not asked to cover any expenses. The articles in the online issues are published right after they are excepted through the review process, and are reprinted in a printed issue once a year. A copy of the printed issue is available through the Slovenian Psychology Students’ Association.

Instructions for authors

Instructions for authors are available here.